The Five Tibetans Masterclass Workbook And Video Online Course

Hi! I'm Carolinda Witt.

For the last 22 years, I have been practicing the Five Tibetans and have taught them to over 60,000 people all over the world. I'm fortunate to have helped so many people improve their health and well-being using this simple and quick method to regain your vitality and zest for life. Hopefully, I can now help you. 

I've created a new online Beginners Workbook & Video Series, which condenses everything I know - it will take you from beginner to expert in a little over 10 weeks.


What's Included?

We've taken twenty two years of teaching and updated it in 2020 to create one easy to learn workbook and video series. You get all the material included in this pack which is condensed into 

a workbook and a series of videos.



Here Is What You Get

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  • The New Five Tibetans Masterclass Workbook (PDF). - A comprehensive 140-page workbook with instructions and details on how to do the exercises. Material taken from my 3 bestselling books on The Five Tibetan Rites. Value - $75.99
  • Access to 22 Instructional Videos - Instant online access to 22 Videos from the original T5T DVD. Originally Priced $19.80
  • 103 page original 1939 book The Eye of Revelation, with 1946 updates and my practice tips and advice. Value - $11.95
  • Additional T5T Breathing Techniques, Core Stability Training, Mindfulness, and Dietary advice not taught in the original Five Tibetans. Normally $59.99
  • 4 x Five Tibetans Posters (PDF) that you can download for easy reference. Value - $25.95
  • 3 x Audio Meditations tracks with music and Carolinda's soothing voice that you can download to listen at your convenience. Perfect for before and after your practice. Normally $19.99
  • A 32-minute Instructional audio track to follow along to in your 1st week of practice doing 3 repetitions of each Rite. In addition to the video, this helps you remember all the fine points. Value included in above.
  • Access to the members only T5T online community to ask questions and get involved. $PRICELESS

Suggestion: This course is  ideal for people who want to change their lives long term and are willing to take the time to learn The Five Tibetan Rites mindfully. We focus on a strong foundation and good technique, which is safer, easier and more fun.

"I am a totally blind individual who has been seeking a new means of jump-starting my energy. I wanted to share this post with others as I am having such a resounding success with using and learning from the T5T Online Training Course. Thank you Carolinda from the bottom of my heart. The amount of work and thought and love you put into your course materials make them a treasure to own and work with; I am exceedingly grateful. When shopping on the Internet, one can easily find the wrong item that doesn't meet the true need of the audience, but when I found T5T, I found the gold."

Don Barrett (USA)

UI/UX Designer

T5T works! 60,000 people later - we guarantee it!

Most 5 Tibetan Rites content online is simple, and all are very similar to each other. However, The 5 Rites are a much more interesting and bigger picture than 'just another exercise routine.'

I want to make learning the Five Tibetans easy and stress free. I aim to provide people with a strong foundation so they can continue practicing for the long-term. At the end of the course you will have achieved mastery of this skill and you will keep it for life.

It's immensely satisfying!

scott arnold - usa

Today, I graduated to the full 21-rep session! I am the kind of person who would have been tempted to skip the first ten weeks of preparation. But I am so grateful I didn't. Carolinda stressed the importance of the "journey" and not rush to the end. Something about that resonated with me. Now I know why. The journey is whole point! If I hadn't allowed myself to enjoy the journey, I would have treated T5T as another fad exercise routine. I would have eventually gotten bored with it and moved on to the next new thing. But having established the journey as foundational to this practice, I now feel as though I am just getting started. My mobility continues to improve. My focus continues to improve. Everything just keeps getting better! And best of all is the quiet of mind I achieve by the time I finish.


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What are others saying?



Yvette Keddie - Yoga Teacher - http://www.yoginisy

"Some of us may think this is simply Yoga. Now, through my experience, unless you thoroughly understand the steps to each rite you can cause injury. There a lot of do’s and don’ts - which all makes a huge difference to practicing the rites. The stages of preparation are most important and of course the breathing technique is a key factor in obtaining best results. Carolinda’s CD is brilliant and each morning, when I first began practicing, I couldn’t wait to put it on. It is extremely thorough and professional. I now have great respect for the rites, and when you learn them properly so will you. A wonderful way to begin each day. Thank you so much Carolinda "

Yvette Keddie

Roma Gaster - Corporate Consultant/Facilitator from Sydney, Australia

"As a result of doing T5T I am experiencing more energy, body strength and tone. I'm sleeping better and find that I'm more alert and aware of self and others. I have experienced physical and emotional calmness."

Roma Gaster

Workshop Manual is Fantastic - One of the Best I've Seen

As a 68-year-old male residing in Melbourne, and with a new hip and ongoing back and neck arthritic challenges, and the Covid lockdown during 2020, I had plenty of time to seek some new form of health/fitness pursuit to assist me in coping with them into the future.

From my reading/research into "How to Breathe Correctly," which in itself is a fascinating subject, I stumbled onto the 5 Tibetan Rites. There is quite a lot of information on these, so I pushed further and stumbled onto Carolinda Witt's T5T website and was immediately attracted to her approach to their teachings. My concern was whether my body would hold up to what can first appear to be difficult movements; however, by investing in her package, including a fantastic workbook and video lessons, where you step quietly and softly over a period of a few months. This was appealing to me to tread slowly.

What is even better is the step by step for several of the more demanding rites so that you don't have to do the full rite at first. She provides alternative movements to build you up, and over time you add more repetitions each week. Additionally, she has been very supportive and encouraging and open to questions, etc. The workbook manual is fantastic and easy to follow—one of the best I have seen in this industry. I am only a few weeks into this program but have confidence that I will continue to the end and be successful and stronger at the end of it. Thanks, Carolinda, for your support.

Leigh Roy, Melbourne , Subscriber to the online T5T program

Paul Wilson, bestselling author of "The Little Book of Calm"

I never thought it would be possible to gain more energy and become more relaxed in only 10 minutes a day. But T5T manages just that. Amazing."

Paul Wilson

Rajendar Menen from Bombay, Author "Karma Sutra - Essays From The Margin", Journalist from Bombay, India

"I have been doing The Five Tibetans for 20 years or so. I have always been athletic and worked out regularly but after starting T5T the changes to my body and soul have been fantastic. I wish to share them and I hope more and more people benefit from T5T.

For one, it takes very little time. You can easily squeeze it into a busy urban executive existence. All you need is 15 minutes a day. You need no equipment, no special clothes, and need very little space. I do it in hotel rooms when I travel. You can also do T5T any time, more than once if you want to every day, as long as you do it on an empty stomach. It becomes a spiritual practice over time. it is easy, inexpensive, thankfully addictive and highly beneficial on all counts. You can't wait to do it the next day.

Two, your body gets incredibly strong. You even get muscular.

Three, all the chakras are optimised and you are radiant and filled with energy. There is no room for depression and loneliness and the feelings of a 'vacuum' that afflicts a lot of mankind.

Four, you automatically hit on 'healthy' food and so your health gets even better.

Five, your heart chakra gets optimised and you get less violent and more loving and kind.

Six, whatever your age (I have shared notes), your sexual energy doesn't dilute. I mention this because this is the age of viagra and sexual enhancement. Why buy expensive and damaging chemicals when T5T does the job?!

Seven, if done slowly and with awareness, T5T leads to great spiritual journeys. You are enveloped by bliss.

Eight, you get more disciplined and your output at work and play multiplies. Life is precious and very short and you realise it and enjoy it more. You also want to share the joys of 'existence'.

I was aiming at a short testimonial!!!

Happy T5Ting. "

Rajendar Menen

Michael Grant White, “The Breathing Coach” - Executive Director of www.breathing.com and the Optimal Breathing School from NC, USA

Breathing slower, deeper and easier is vital for longevity, health and vitality. I believe that T5T can help most people become more conscious of their breathing. It can also release tension in their breathing, and often gradually expand their breathing capacity as well as slow their breathing rate. T5T will help many people to achieve the above, however there are those who may have an undetected dysfunctional breathing or what I call UDB whose next step would be my Optimal Breathing Techniques."

Michael Grant White

Jane Walsh, Registered T5T Instructor, Yoga Teacher, Dip Sales & Marketing from South Australia

"I have been delighted in the reduction of my personal stress, & ability to cope with a job that requires me daily to multi-task. whilst managing a team. And after many years of uncontrollable Sciatica, I now have relief! "

Jane Walsh

I am now doing my first week of T5T and I can tell that I like it and I do already feel some uplifting energy, especially when I have done the T5T.

I am already looking for quite some time now (3 years) to find a ritual with simple but effective exercises that I feel I want to do and can do, every single day, without having to ‘force myself’ like any other yoga practice that I already tried.

Thank you very much for all your efforts in making my personal world a better place and I have no doubt that I’m not the only one benefiting from your efforts.

Frederik Daneels

Amanda Hampson, bestselling author of "The Olive Sisters"

I've been interested in the Five Tibetans for some time and tried to learn it via youtube demos etc but was always concerned that I didn't really know what I was doing or why or if it was correct.

This book provides the full story (finally!) and is destined to become the bible of the Tibetan practice because it gives you everything you'll ever need to know. Looks good too!

Amanda Hampson

Your course is excellent, beautifully set out, and helpful. 

I have worked my way through your course and I am currently doing 17 repetitions of each rite, and am very pleased I followed your instructions. I still carry out all five warm-up exercises which I believe are excellent. I also wanted to say how very grateful I am for your work, it really has made a difference to me. Your course, by the way, is excellent, beautifully set out, and helpful.

Nicholas Lee - UK , Subscriber to the online T5T program

Anita Boser - author of "Relieve Stiffness and Feel Young Again with Undulation"

"When I read the Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth years ago I was intrigued by the incredible results that readers achieved. However, the exercises were too difficult for me and I hurt my shoulder doing the fourth and fifth ones. Fast forward five years and I come across T5T: The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan. From day one, I was able to follow the plan from the book and do the exercises every day. I feel great!

Not only does the author break the exercises into steps that reduce the risk of injury, she includes core strength and breathing exercises that make the movements accessible to people who live in an industrial society. After all, we don't have the lifestyle of Tibetan monks. I also like the warm up exercises in the book, which help me prepare for hiking and jogging.

While these are exercises for the body and they do add strength and flexibility, the biggest impact is on my energy level. I get a sense of jubilation and feeling of being carefree that lasts through the day.

I highly recommend this book for people of all activity levels. If you are too tired, this plan will give you energy. If you already are active, this is a wonderful complement to any exercise program. "...

Anita Boser

Profound changes to my health and well-being

As a 66-year-old male, I have had a lot of small and large difficulties to try and overcome. Neck and shoulder pain, great lack of energy, coughing (I've never smoked), digestive issues, sinus issues for 30 years, prostate issues, poor sleep, feeling cold when I shouldn't be cold, cravings for sweets, and other issues I won't mention. I read about T5T when I was reading the book "Breath" by James Nestor. He devotes a small section to it in his book. I decided to look it up and found the T5T website. The price was very reasonable so I subscribed. After reading the manual and the book I started the program on February 14, 2021 (COVID lockdown was a good time to start). I followed the program exactly as outlined, watched the videos to be sure I was doing them correctly and I got to 21 repetitions of each exercise on April 18th. I ran into a couple of issues with doing the exercises but I looked them up in the manual and was able to correct them without any recurrences. Well, I'm not exaggerating if I say that these exercises are having profound changes to my health and well-being!!! I really had no expectations of these exercises helping me, I'm a sceptic about this kind of thing, especially when they appear to be too good to be true. I have done yoga on and off (mostly off) for decades and liked it. I was just not motivated enough to keep it up. These exercises are yoga-like but not a yoga program as I have experienced yoga. Besides, it takes so little time to do them that I thought I had nothing to lose. Here are some of the things I have written in my journal over the past few weeks: Neck and shoulder pain much reduced ( I was doing some plumbing today which really irritates my neck and shoulders and as I write this I am not experiencing any pain or irritation.), the silent migraines I have been experiencing for years have almost disappeared, my energy levels have increased tremendously( I used to have days that were so bad I could do nothing but sit and sleep in a recliner chair all day.), I wake up feeling rested, breathing is better (likely due to all of the controlled breathing that the exercises require) and almost no coughing, sinus pain and headaches gone and very little post nasal drip (again likely due to the controlled nasal breathing), far less grumpy (that happens to some of us older guys), less cold, digestion much improved and much, much more. I just notice that as each week passes I am feeling better and better. The only change I have made in my life has been adding the T5T exercises. The course was very clearly outlined, loved the videos showing how to do the exercises, loved the sections on what to do if you run into issues doing the exercises (I used these several time to correct posture and remedy pain issues (especially in my wrists). I'm not able to do the exercises in 10 minutes as it appears some are able to do but I'm not in a hurry, no races to win and I actually find it helps to slow down a bit as I can focus on correct technique. For the price, it is a bargain and for what it has done for me I would pay much more to find a program that is having profoundly good changes to my life. Thanks, Robert

Robert Wilkie, Canada , Subscriber to the online T5T program

I'm Blind and I've Never Seen Yoga Postures Before

As a blind person, I was concerned to make sure I was doing the Rites correctly, so began searching the web for a course or audio that would instruct me. Keep in mind I had never seen most Yoga postures done, so I had no good frame of reference upon which to base my judgement or formulate an idea of how the Rites should be accomplished. Sighted people learn by watching and imitating; blind people learn by listening and trying to convert the verbal into the actual, which at times is not an easy task and can end up being quite humorous.

I loved the way you start each Rite in the book with the original text by Kelder as a jumping-off point and go from there to expound on it, providing problems solutions, and tips as necessary, and deliciously wonderful details on each step to make each movement and Rite crystal clear. I could conceptualize everything you had written, and follow the logic of your prescribed movements.

Believe it or not, when I first started three weeks ago, the hardest part for me was getting down on the floor for Rite 2. My knees, hips, and shoulders hurt from stiffness, and it felt like gravity was dragging me down not to exercise, but to pin me to the floor. But hurray, it's somewhat better now, and that's real progress. I can honestly say that I am more energetic and don't nap as much in the early evening as I have done before.

Thank you Carolinda from the bottom of my heart. The amount of work and thought and love you put into your course materials make them a treasure to own and work with; I am exceedingly grateful. When shopping on the Internet, one can easily find the wrong item that doesn't meet the need. When I found T5T, I found the gold. Don Barrett, USA.

Don Barrett, USA , Subscriber to the online T5T program

Terez Maru - Registered T5T® Instructor. Yoga Teacher

For many years I have experienced ringing in the ears (tinnitus). As you can imagine this is very annoying & disorientating. Since I started practicing T5T this has completely disappeared! I am a yoga teacher and a massage therapist and I recommend T5T to all my clients. In fact I have just trained as a Certified T5T Teacher as I can attest to its powerful benefits, physically, mentally and spiritually."

Terez Maru

Experienced Many Gains

I have done the 5 Tibetan Rites daily since January 2013. To encourage my wife to benefit as much as I have, I purchased Carolinda's Master Class. I have since studied the course material carefully and have adopted many of her techniques - and have experienced many gains. The Breathing section was an area I had not focused on, and I am now moving forward nicely. The Core section was an area I had never thought about, and now I am diligently putting my attention toward core stability. I love your affirmations and now incorporate them along with energy breathing as I do my 5 Rites daily. All of your detailed instruction on performing the Tibetans is very helpful, and I have tweaked my style on several moves to encourage a healthy back and spine as I glide into my upper seventies. Thank you, Plenty, for all your due diligence in creating the T5T Master Class. Wonderful in so many ways.

Bruce Raiter - California

Bratislav Petrovic, Electronics Engineer, Registered T5T instructor, Gita International Diploma of Teaching Hatha Yoga, Reiki master, Inner Peace Meditation Teacher

"I had my ear drum damaged and felt realty dizzy when I had to spin during dancing. Around 4 years ago I learnt The Five Rites. Having done the Rites for a few weeks I went to a park with my kids who persuaded me to go on a swing. I started slowly and discovered that I could once again enjoy the swing and later on to even dance. I’ve been doing the Five Rites daily since then. "

Bratislav Petrovic

John Gray author of "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"

..."T5T is an incredible and powerful program. It turns back the clock. It increases your energy, mental clarity and focus. It reduces stress, and improves strength and flexibility. It is capable of restoring your passion and zest for life if you let it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to improve their life."...

John Gray

Dr. John F. Demartini - "The Secret" Teacher - Bestselling author of The Breakthrough Experience - A Revolutionary New Approach to Personal Transformation

"T5T is simple, practical, effective and certainly mind/body altering. If you would love to become rejuvenated, remain calm, feel more vitality, be more flexible and simply look your absolute best, then now there is a new way to experience a greater state of wellbeing that takes just minutes a day, but lasts a lifetime."

Dr. John F. Demartini

Susan Jenson, Satyananda Yoga Teacher, Registered T5T Instructor, Nurse from Victoria

"I am currently studying as a student teacher of Satyananda Yoga. This is a 3 year diploma which I will complete in 2007. I recently attended Carolinda Witt’s wonderful T5T teacher training course in Melbourne. The ‘Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation’ is a practice I stumbled upon two and a half years ago and have been practicing ever since as part of my daily morning yoga practice. Because of the profound benefits I have gained personally from this ancient practice I felt it was something I would like to share with as many other people as possible. I believe as with all yoga teachings that this would benefit everyone.

I found the teacher training course to be very comprehensive, well paced and professional. The learning atmosphere was relaxed and firm friendships have been established amongst those who attended the nine day course. We learned some fundamentals of anatomy and physiology of the musculoskeletal system including the unchangeable physical factors which may prevent an individual from assuming a particular posture to its fullest physical extent. There was a strong emphasis on the importance of training the core stability muscles for protection of the spine during the postures.

The Rites are taught in a workshop format where clients learn each practice in safe, manageable steps. The course also includes breathing and relaxation practices. Carolinda has included a comprehensive business management component which covers all facets of running the T5T workshops after accreditation. I highly recommend this course to any Yoga teacher or practitioner as part of your personal journey of discovery as well as an opportunity to truly enhance the lives of others"

Susan Jenson

Libby Weston – Yoga & Pilates Teacher, Business Owner & Registered T5T Instructor

"As a teacher of Yoga/Pilates and studio owner, I was very thankful to learn that Carolinda had developed her T5T Five Tibetan Rites & Energy Breathing Program. I had discovered the benefits of the ‘Rites' some years ago and had personally been practicing the 'original rites' as part of my own daily practice for many years. As a teacher and business owner I rarely found time to attend class to nurture myself....so the 'Rites' were perfect.

Over time I endeavoured to share the principals of 'the Rites' with clients - however, I struggled with effectively communicating the fundamentals to them, particularly as many carried injuries or had physical of emotional challenges. When I discovered Carolinda’s T5T program I was relieved, as it took all the worry out of safely, effectively and systematically delivering the principals in a professional but easy, duplicatible, 'step-by-step' format.

T5T allowed the absolute beginner to my advanced client to discover the rejuvenating benefits of the 'Rites' in just one workshop!

From a business perspective by being affiliated with T5T and receiving client referrals, I have not only generated another source of income, but have grown also my own studio client base...with many T5T clients becoming motivated to participate in other classes. I feel assured that I am delivering a quality program, with professional 'take home' and support material...that is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

I would highly recommend T5T to any yoga/pilates teacher who is wanting to either increase their income and client base or provide a 'value add' to their existing clients. "

Libby Weston

Learn With The Best

We have been teaching The Five Tibetans for 20 years!

There are so many people offering advice, or uploading videos of themselves performing the Five Tibetans, but few of them are professionals - many are journalists, or practitioners who have taught a few friends and family members.

This is fine, of course, but it can also lead to strain, injury and disappointment when people don't receive the benefits they were promised.

In our course, you are guaranteed a smooth and enjoyable learning experience.  Exercise does involve effort, which we can't do for you, but you will benefit from our experience in teaching over 60,000 people through our books, workshops, teachers, and DVD.

Learn with us, and learn safely, effectively and thoroughly. Avoid a bad experience, and enjoy a lifetime's benefits from learning the method over 60,000 people have learned before you. Here are some of the main reasons to train with us.

Learn From Experts

You don't have to be an expert to post on YouTube.  Most people have never taught more than family & friends. With over 60,000 students taught, we truly are the global experts in teaching The Five Tibetans. You can be sure you are doing them the right way -that won't cause you any harm, and that you can do for the long term.

Do them Safely

Modifying the 5 Tibetan Rites in response to students needs is normal and responsible. The original instructions are very simple - many say, too simple. We modified the basic instructions of the original Five Tibetans to create T5T® while completely retaining the Rites' integrity.  We know all the things people do wrong and developed a much safer way to do them.

Get A Structured Program

We provide you with an easy to follow learning plan. You are less likely to quit before getting the benefits. The information we give you ensures a strong foundation, good technique and powerful motivation. It impacts positively on every area of your life.

 T5T's Additional Content

* Breathe naturally and fully once more. Learn how to take the best breath of your life!           * Develop strong core muscles to protect your lower back and neck.
* Learn how to be more mindful in your practice and daily life - and much, much MORE.

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Follow the path of thousands of other students before you knowing you'll get the right results.


Connect with the T5T alumni community and get help when you need it most, even for motivation.

We are so confident you will love T5T, we guarantee it!

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you don't like this Workbook and Video Course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

 What are you waiting for?

Follow this easy program and start feeling great again!

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= $35.99

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