Improve your vitality, strength, flexibility, focus, and health.

Dramatically improve your well-being by learning 5 simple moves, and best of all, it takes just ten to fifteen minutes per day.

Who we are

We are T5T - The world's biggest teaching school of The Five Tibetans.

We help people all around the world learn The 5 Tibetan Rites online and offline.

what are the five tibetans?

The Five Tibetan Rites are an  ancient anti-aging routine you can do anywhere, at any time, in just 10-15 min per day.

Why Learn with us

We teach you skills to improve your life.

Over 60,000 Students Taught

Join thousands of Five Tibetan Rites' Students all around the world and be part of the community.

Learn for Life

Once you learn the routine, you have it for life - with no further cost. We provide you with detailed instruction on how to do these once-secret, anti-aging exercises.

Feel Better and Live Longer

We teach you ancient anti- aging techniques to improve your quality of life and wind back the clock of time.


Discover a new you and a healthy centered self.

Benefit from our experience in teaching thousands of students. We make it easy for you to learn and practice. 

We know all the tricks and tips on how to practice The 5 Tibetans, and share them all with you.

Learning with us is pleasurable and satisfying. You can be certain you know how to practice the Tibetan 5 Rites - the safe way and the 'right' way.



Check what people are saying


"I have practiced yoga for many years, but after having my third child I needed some exercise that would put me back in shape and that took as little time as possible to do! T5T has been exactly what I needed. It is so simple, and yet so powerful in its effect."

Susan Hayward

bestselling author of A Guide for the Advanced Soul


"I never thought it would be possible to gain more energy and become more relaxed in only 10 minutes a day. But T5T manages just that. Amazing."

Paul Wilson

Bestselling author of "The little book of calm"


"T5T is an incredible and powerful program. It turns back the clock. It increases your energy, mental clarity and focus. It reduces stress, and improves strength and flexibility. It is capable of restoring your passion and zest for life if you let it. I highly recommend it for anyone willing to improve their life."

John Gray

Bestselling Author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

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You can get started instantly! We have just released a new updated online training Workbook and Video Series for 2020. This merges 20 years of teaching experience with a unique combination learning method. 

  • Get Instant access to the Workbook and Training Videos today.
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  • Have access to the best training available anywhere.
  • Tried and tested T5T step-by-step method as taught to over 60,000 students worldwide. 

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