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Here are a number of useful links that we have found online. If you have found a suitable link and thing we should include it on our list, please submit your link using this form.

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Authentic Breathing

Informative articles and book reviews on some of the principles involved in healthy breathing, safe, powerful breathing exercises and breath-related meditations; breath-related health tips and frequently asked questions (FAQs) about breathing; links to important websites on breathing, breathwork, chi kung, tai chi, and alternative health; a bookstore of breath-related books by author Dennis Lewis.


Is the way you are breathing making you sick, making you think you are sick or crazy, destroying your energy, keeping you fat, stealing your personal Power, hinder your voice or shortening your life. Take our free breathing tests and see. Michael Grant White - Breathing Development Specialist

Energy Medicine

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ZYTO Corp Biocommunication And Biotechnology For Wellness

The biotechnology by ZYTO Corp. is an evolution of biofeedback used by healthcare practitioners for wellness through energy medicine.

Environmentally Friendly

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Great Natural Women's & Baby Products

Offers better products that are in tune with our environment, and that are safe and healthy to use and will save you money. Natural alternatives to tampons, pads and nappies.


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Health Coach Blog

My philosophy is all about fitness that is based on mobility first followed by function. If you can't move well you won't be able to perform everyday tasks with fluid movements especially as you get older. What is the point in being able to say lift heavy weights if that movement pattern creates imbalance in the body. I truly believe that the elimination of wheat from the modern diet is also a key factor in rediscovering vitality and combined with the right type of fitness training can and will result in overall well being no matter your age. My slogan is " first move well, then move often".


Howtobefit.com is the premier source for Polar heart rate monitors on the Internet as well as having over 1000 health and fitness articles to help optimize your fitness and well being

Satellite Fitness (Fitness by Satellite GPS + Other Services)

Uses GPS (Global Positioning System) for personal training. Also offer T5T, weight loss, boot camps, strength & conditioning, general fitness, Pilates, workstation, corporate and exclusive programs on the internet.

Unbiased ratings on Treadmills

Our treadmill reviews and ratings guide will help you get the most for your money. We don't get paid by manufacturers to review their products, so you can rely on us to give you unbiased ratings based on many criteria that we know will be important to you.


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Australian Public Holidays

Australian Public Holidays

Australian School Holidays

Find out the up-to-date Australian School Holidays

History of SEO

History of SEO

New Fast & Easy Way Of Using Sounds And Symbols To Communicate

Millions of people around the world, of all educational levels, talking and writing to each other, across cultural divides and free of language barriers

Health & Wellness

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Best Natural Therapies & Remedies

Natural Health Therapies and Remedies. Magnets, Support Wraps, Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Fitness, Wellness, Detox Products and many other unique products in one place.

Healing Choices Your guide to Complementary and Alternative Heal

Author of the book, Healing Choices, offers information on holistic & natural medicine as well as modalities, finding practitioners, stress management, cancer resources, and more! The book is also offered in hard copy & e-book formats

Natural Health Information Centre

Independent, unbiased natural health information that is free from hype, PR companies and the influence of "Big Pharma"


Nature-Ally is your guide to Natural Healthy Living, Read health experts' Opinions, Info on Alternative Health Therapies, Herbal Product Reviews.

WellBeing Network Ltd

Wellbeingnetwork.co.uk aims at providing a common platform for Well Being Professionals, Businesses and those in need of such services to come together and help each other.


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Medical Credentialing Specialist

Hospital Credentialing - Medical Credentialing Verification Services, Credentialing Specialist, Medical Data Verification Services, Credentialing Application, Doctors Credentialing - Med Advantage consistently improves the efficiency and accuracy of the credentialing business' data verifications.


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Aloe Vera Studies Organization

Free aloe vera samples. Learn about the health and nutrition benefits of aloe vera gel.


Welcome to Foodwatching, your free, online, nutrition resource centre. Catherine Saxelby is a qualified dietitian and nutritionist who can answer your questions on food, nutrition, weight loss and related health matters. So whether you're looking for help to understand food labels, quick tips on how to keep slim or, nutritional information for an assignment, you'll find what you're looking for right here.

Goji Juice

Goji berries.us prides it self on carrying the highest quality goji berry products online including dried goji berries, goji juice, seeds and seaweed fertilizer. Buy wholesale or retail.


Superfoods are a swift and easy method to acquire some serious nutrients into your body. The term "superfood" was coined recently to bring some esteem and superhero sexiness to foods like raw cacao, goji berries, maca, wheatgrass, coconut and more. In numerous ways, the wisdom of honoring a food item as a superfood is because of its intense nutrient density, and its potential health-protective and health-providing effects.

Retreats & Spas

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SpiritQuest Sedona Retreats

Spiritual retreats in beautiful Sedona AZ to heal your mind, body and soul.

Spiritual Awareness

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Radio Out There

Produced & Presented by Barry Eaton. Alternative News and Views - New program every week.

Tibetan Buddhist

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Gyuto Monks

"The Gyuto Monks are masters of Tibetan Buddhist tantric ritual and their lives are dedicated to practicing tantric ideals. To be with them, to observe and be touched by their humanity, is to see kindness in action."About 60 monks escaped to India with the Dalai Lama and throughout the past 30 years, enduring serious privation as refugees, they have nurtured and preserved the ancient rituals and traditions and carefully rebuilt the monastic community to today's population of over 500.nterested in requesting the monks' presence in your town? Maybe you'd like to become a Sponsor of the Gyuto Monks by sponsoring one of the refugee monks in India? Maybe you'd like to make a donation? Click on the links below to find out more about how you can help:


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Menopause and Beyond

"We specialise in proven natural health products and advice to help with weight management, stress, women's health, and detoxification to increase energy, combat aging, and rejuvenate your body. Our articles and blog are filled with helpful advice to assist in restoring your mind and body to total health and wellbeing."


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RMIT National Yoga Survey

Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne have announced that they are conducting a landmark web-based national survey to establish the way in which yoga is practised in Australia today. You are invited to be part of this history-making event. Yoga and meditation teachers are especially needed right now to complete the survey and to encourage their students to participate. Free invitation postcards are available for you to distribute to your friends, students or customers. Click on this link to order the postcards, obtain the media release or go to the survey now.