T5T Five Tibetan Rites - Meditations

Audio Files (mp3)

Cost $5.99

We have just launched a brand new downloadable Masterclass - Workbook & Video course which includes these audio files (mp3) along with lots of extras. However, if you only want the meditations you can download them here - INSTANT DOWNLOAD.

3 Meditations - Specifically designed for Five Tibetan Rites Practice. 

  • Choice of two short meditations to use before you practice. They quieten the distracted mind helping bring you into the present moment, improving focus, and balancing and harmonizing your practice. They can be used at other times, too – particularly when you are stressed or distracted.
  • Wonderfully relaxing, guided meditations with Carolinda's soothing voice. Accompanied by the calming sounds of nature. Releases mind/body tension and restores new energy and vitality to your body, mind and soul. 
  •  The longer meditation is best used at the end of your practice to wind down and deepen your experience. It can also be used when you are feeling particularly stressed or in need of healing.

We use these meditations is all our T5T Workshops.