The Five Tibetans DVD

We have just launched a brand new downloadable format of this DVD (with lots of extras) - our Masterclass Workbook & Video Series. However, if you prefer a physical DVD plus 2 x teaching manuals in a pdf format, this is the product for you!

By author and acclaimed Five Tibetan's teacher Carolinda Witt. Contains the same unique step-by-step method developed over years and thousands of students (and forty Instructors) during Carolinda's Five Tibetans workshops, books, DVD, etc.  

The DVD teaches you how to do the Five Tibetan Rites, and the disc contains two bonus Teaching Guides in PDF format (82 & 59 pages). One PDF contains all the tips, hints, modifications, common problems and solutions to learning the 5 Tibetan Rites, and the other contains the original 1939 story of the discovery of the monks and their anti-ageing secrets. 

You can be sure you are doing them correctly and safely!

  • Ensures that your alignment, your posture, and your technique is correct from start to finish.
  • You learn the postures, warm-ups, breathing & core stability in a clear, uncluttered studio setting where you can see & hear exactly what you are meant to be doing.
  • Then you follow along with Richard, one of the T5T Instructors as he leads you through the entire routine. This makes it so easy to remember!
  • The last track will inspire you –for this is how YOU will look!  Follow along with some of our T5T Instructors as they perform the full 21 repetitions of each Rite – accompanied by uplifting background music in an attractive riverside setting.

"I have found the DVD wonderful as it guides you through each week so that you flow naturally to the next level." -  Anni Casey - Accredited Natural Therapist

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