June 5, 2019

The Five Tibetan Rites Benefits – The Truth Versus The Claims

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Claims for the benefits of performing the Rites have proliferated over the web, becoming increasingly exaggerated to a point where they have been made to sound like a 'miracle cure' – an ancient, secret snake oil medicine!


Rare 1939 copy of the original 5 Tibetan Rites, Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder (c) Jerry Watt


Rare update published in 1946 (c) Jerry Watt

People are led to believe that the Rites will completely halt their aging, help them lose enormous amounts of weight, fix their cancer, heart disease, fibroid cysts, and numerous other serious health conditions. As a result, their expectations are set incredibly high before they even begin to practice.  Anything short of a miracle, therefore, could be seen as rather ho-hum! 

This article is to help people maintain a strong belief in the benefits of the amazing Five Tibetan Rites and have obtainable expectations of what they might achieve from performing this ancient rejuvenation method. I hope to prevent people who might walk away before they even start, and to encourage those who might otherwise give up, believing the Rites haven't worked for them - when they have!

The monks never described particular benefits of The Five Tibetans. They said the specific purpose of the Rites is to regain health, youth, and vitality:

..."The body has seven centres, which, in English, could be called Vortexes. These are kind of magnetic centres. They revolve at great speed in the healthy body, but when slowed down – well that is just another name for old age, ill health and senility. The quickest way to regain health, youth, and vitality is to start these magnetic centres spinning again. There are but five practices that will do this. Any one of them will be helpful, but all five are required to get glowing results. These five exercises are really not exercises at all, in the physical culture sense. The Lamas think of them as ‘Rites’ and so instead of calling them exercises or practices, we too, shall call them ‘Rites."...

Click to download the original The Eye of Revelation 1939 book with the 1946 addition material Free here.  

Wild or exaggerated claims from some online marketers

  • You can remove your wrinkles; a secret cosmetic surgeons don't want you to learn.
    • I wish!
  • Completely restores your natural hair color.
    • In all the many people I have taught, only ONE said he 'thought' his sideburns were going darker. I have since heard others mention some ‘darkening’ of their hair, but no-one has described a complete transformation.
  • Guaranteed - you will look a shocking 30 years younger! Will turn you back to being 25 years old all over again! Imagine getting back the face, hair, strength, and vitality you had at 25 years old!
    •  If this were true, it would be on the main news! The extra life-energy (Qi, prana) flowing through your body from doing the Rites definitely gives you a healthier and more vital look - but NO way does this, or anything else (yet) help us return to a previous age. 
  • Will correct your eyesight.
    • No-one has flung off their glasses, saying, "I can see, I can see!" There is a slight difference in your vision immediately after you have done the Rites, with a mild improvement overall. They certainly do not 'fix' eyesight problems.
  • Virtually anyone can perform them at any age, right up to 100 years old or more!
    • This is not entirely inaccurate, but most older people have some history of injury or natural degeneration due to aging. They mostly need a few modifications to the original and are best suited to our T5T® step-by-step method, which builds core strength to protect the lower back and neck.
  • Your energy levels become turbo-charged!
    • There is no doubt that this is one of the principal benefits of the Rites. However, most people will read this and think they can go out and immediately run a marathon. Not everyone gets the super-charged variety. Most people experience a noticeable endurance type of energy compared to the six cups of coffee effect inferred by the use of the word turbo-charged! Unlike caffeine energy, the energy derived from the Rites is enduring (unless you stop doing them).
  • Martin Sheen, the actor, and John Gray from Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus credit the Rites for their youthful looks. Incorrect.
    • The quotes attributed to both of them on the ‘Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth’ book sleeves, mention nothing about them "personally looking younger" because of the Rites. Incidentally, John Gray kindly reviewed my book prior to publication and provided a Testimonial. In reviewing the step-by-step build-up process of my T5T® method of learning the Rites, he told me that he had also found it necessary to modify the Rites to make them safer and easier for people to perform.
  • Every copy of the book was lost until one was found recently. 
    • Completely untrue. The original book has been in publication since 1939. Jerry Watt, an antiquarian bookseller, owns an original copy of the 1939 book, 'The Eye of Revelation,' by Peter Kelder and his updated 1946 version with new material. You can download this book free here. ALL the books about the 5 Tibetan Rites on the market are derived from this book, which you can read here for free. It's a great story by the way and well worth reading.

Belief & The Expectation Effect (Placebo Effect)

Having said it is important to have realistic expectations, the power of belief (or faith) is still a vital force.  

Colonel Bradford himself says that the monks told him that you need to invest a strong amount of faith and belief in the Rites to maximize their benefit. If you think old, you become old. He suggests people stride instead of taking small steps, for example. You look younger (and feel it) if you do.

Most people are familiar with the medical use of placebos.  A common practice is to give a patient an inert sugar pill, telling him/her that this will improve their condition.  They are not told that the pill is a placebo.  The patient’s belief does indeed have a therapeutic effect on improving the condition it was intended for.

"The placebo effect is more than positive thinking — believing a treatment or procedure will work. It's about creating a stronger connection between the brain and body and how they work together," says Professor Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard-affiliated Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, whose research focuses on the placebo effect.

Professor Kaptchuk's research makes an important case for doing the Five Tibetan Rites daily as instructed by the monks. This is how to give yourself a daily placebo pill!

..."Engaging in the ritual of healthy living — eating right, exercising, yoga, quality social time, meditating — probably provides some of the key ingredients of a placebo effect.'...

I have heard of many people who so totally ‘believed’ in the positive thinking philosophy ("Ask, believe & receive") espoused by the film/book “The Secret” – that they ran up significant debt on their credit cards or made poor financial or relationship decisions with disastrous consequences.  Several teachers from the movie have stated that there was a lot of material they wanted to be included, that remained on the cutting room floor.

Dr John Demartini, one of the teachers from The Secret, says, for example, that The Law of Attraction is only one of the laws of the universe and all need to be considered. A one-sided viewpoint in a world where duality clearly exists creates imbalances.  For example, the familiar saying, "Whenever a door shuts - another opens" works equally in the opposite direction. “Whenever a door opens, another closes,” for example.

So, What Are The Real Benefits of The 5 Tibetans?

This list of benefits is gathered from the direct teaching experience of myself and the T5T instructors. It comes from the experience of the many thousands of students who attended our workshops, received private tuition or learned through our books, DVDs, etc. We compiled this information from our workshop/private tuition feedback forms, correspondence, discussions, testimonials, and completed questionnaires:

  • A significant increase in energy—more the endurance type of energy as opposed to the revved up caffeine type of energy. You feel like you can keep going and going.
  • Feel calmer and less stressed—your buttons simply don’t get pushed as easily anymore.
  • Develop significant mental clarity with a razor-sharp focus.   
  • Feel stronger, more flexible, and less stiff.   
  • Enjoy seeing muscles appear on your arms, stomachs, hips, legs, and backs. Good for toning flabby arms and tightening the abdomen.   
  • Sleep better. Some people have more vivid dreams.
  • Overall improvement in your health, don’t seem to catch colds, etc. as often.
  • Helps with depression and anxiety—lifts mood and improves well-being.
  • More centered and at peace.
  • Improved self-discipline and sense of purpose.
  • Feel younger and more powerful.
  • Improved breathing—deeper, slower and more conscious.
  • Increased levels of Qi (chi, prana, life-energy, etc.)
  • Better posture.
  • Develop good core strength—provides a strong foundation for all forms of exercise and modern living.
  • Some people lose weight—most find it easier to control weight and desire healthier foods.
  • Improved digestion and elimination.
  • Helps with the transition and symptoms of menopause.
  • Helps with the symptoms of menstruation.
  • Improved libido.

There are many individual cases of people receiving improvement to their health conditions. This does not indicate that everyone who has this condition will experience the same benefit. It also does not allow for the influence of other factors that may also have contributed to the improvement in their condition. Please see the Testimonials on my that detail these personal experiences (full name's given).

I hope this information has helped you.

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© This work is the intellectual property of its author and is fully copyrighted. It may not be copied or republished in any medium (including but not limited to electronic and print media) without the express permission of the author. All rights are reserved.

Carolinda Witt

Author of a number of books about The Five Tibetan Rites, including "The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites," and her bestselling T5T Five Tibetans DVD. Carolinda has been practicing and teaching the Five Tibetan Rites for 23 years. She is one of the world's foremost experts on the Five Tibetans Rites, and has further developed the original teachings to create a safer, more in-depth method of learning the Five Tibetan Rites called T5T® (The Five Tibetans.) Adding natural full breathing and core stability to increase vitality, and strengthen the lower back and neck.

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