Is it OK to modify the Five Tibetan Rites?

Modifying The Five Tibetan Rites in response to individual needs will not

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Rapid Eye Movements After Five Tibetan Rites Spin

Some people temporarily experience Involuntary rapid eye movements after the spinning exercise

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Five Tibetan Rites Muscle Tensing – Rites 4 and 5

Are there any benefits in tensing the muscles as described in Rites

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Why Do We Get Dizzy Doing Five Tibetan Rites No 1?

Our ears not only help us hear, but they also help us

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Is Peter Kelder Still Alive – of Five Tibetan Rites Fame?

Is it possible that Peter Kelder, the author of The Eye of

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Five Tibetan Rites Doing More Or Less Than 21 Repetitions

What happens if you do more (or less) than 21 repetitions of

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Is Breathing Part of The Five Tibetan Rites?

Breathing has become associated with the practice of The Five Tibetan Rites,

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The Five Tibetan Rites Chakras Vortexes of Energy

The vortexes described in The 5 Tibetan Rites define the physical and

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The Five Tibetan Rites 2,500 Years Ago

Are the Five Tibetan Rites as old as the publisher of The

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Five Tibetan Rites Health Considerations

Whenever you begin a new exercise program, there are always health considerations

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Should We Breathe Through the Nose or the Mouth When Practicing The 5 Tibetan Rites?

It would be best if you breathed only through your nose. The

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The 6th Rite of The Five Tibetan Rites

The 6th Rite, "Should only be practiced when one has an ‘excess of

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Anti-Aging Diet, Mantra

Questions. What anti-aging diet did the monks recommend? Should I add the

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T5T Five Tibetan Rites Warm-Ups

In the T5T method of learning the Five Tibetan Rites, we recommend

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5 Tibetan Rites: Benefits, History & Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to learn everything about the 5 Tibetan Rites and

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Rite No. 3, The 5 Tibetan Rites. Bend at the Waist or Not?

In the original book about the Rites, ‘The Eye of Revelation,’ (download

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What Are The Five Tibetan Rites? What’s Involved?

What Are The Five Tibetans - What is Involved?They are a series

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Tibetan Rite No 1 – The Spin

Questions.Which direction should we spin? Some people say we should spin anti-clockwise in the

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Practice & Health Questions

Questions.Do the Five Tibetan Rites help you loose weight?What is the significance

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How To Do The 5 Rites Of The Five Tibetans [Guide With Pictures]

What's Involved in Learning The Five Tibetan Rites?Free Download: Read the original

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Benefits of The Five Tibetans – What Results Can I Expect?

​ Here's what you can expect from practicing The 5 Rites When you

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Historical Information

Questions. Has Anyone Discovered Any History Or Proof Of The Origins of

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Benefits – Five Tibetan Rites

Questions.There Are Lots Of Health Claims For The Five Tibetans - Are

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Before You Begin The Five Tibetans

Questions. Are The Five Tibetan Rites Suitable For You? What's The Best

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Breathing With The Tibetan 5 Rites

There are NO instructions for breathing given when practicing The Five Rites (movements

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5th Rite – Pendulum

Questions. Should The Heels Of The Feet Touch The Floor During The

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5 Tibetan Rites For Relieving Stress, Calm and Relaxation

"I never thought it would be possible to gain more energy and

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The Five Tibetans 5 Rites And The T5T Method

"I attended a non-T5T workshop to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites, and

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The Tibetan 5 Rites and The Five Elements

At the time of the development of the Five Tibetan Rites of

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The 6th Rite

Questions.Why Don't We Teach The 6th Rite?Answers.There are 3 reasons we don't

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Differences Between T5T and The Five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation were brought to the West in

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The Five Tibetans Spin – Is There A Link To The Whirling Dervishes?

It would be natural to assume a link between the whirling described

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How To Avoid Dizziness When Spinning In The 1st Rite of The Five Tibetans

​ There are many causes of dizziness. The dizziness I am referring

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The Five Tibetans -Which Direction Should I Spin?

Does the spin direction change to counter-clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere?Not according

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The Five Tibetan Rites Benefits – The Truth Versus The Claims

Claims for the benefits of performing the Rites have proliferated over the

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The 5 Tibetans Diet Similar To Food Combining

In 1939 Peter Kelder published his book The Eye of Revelation (download free

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Spin Direction – 5 Tibetan Rites Versus Whirling Dervishes

The 5 Tibetan Rites are tremendously beneficial, but like all historical accounts

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Should You Practice The Five Tibetan Rites Exercises When Menstruating?

The monks who practiced the original Rites were celibate and male. There

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Breathing With The 5 Rites

Questions.When practicing the Five Tibetan Rites - Should I breathe through the

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t5t-the-five-tibetan-rites- should-the-heels-touch-the-floor-during-5th-rite

Rite No. 5, The Five Tibetan Rites. Heels On or Off The Floor?

You can perform the 5th Rite exactly as instructed in the original

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Detox Effects of The 5 Tibetan Rites

Due to the increased elimination of impurities and wastes, and increased oxygen

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Om, And The Five Tibetan Rites

           Sanskrit Om Symbol         

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Not Getting The Benefits From The Five Tibetans You Expected?

I received this email from a man in Croatia that raises an

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Doing 21 Reps? – How to Get the Most Out of The Five Tibetans

Well done for getting to 21 repetitions - now what? You've reached

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How To Breathe While Practicing The Five Tibetan Rites

In T5T, we breathe in all the way up into the posture, and then

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Giving Up The Five Tibetan Rites! What Happens?

Why do people stop doing the Five Tibetan Rites when they get

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Do The Five Tibetan Rites Help You Lose Weight?

Many people have reported weight loss after starting the Five Tibetan rites,

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Are The Five Tibetan Rites For You? A Teacher’s Perspective.

The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation have become a well-known anti-aging, health

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Anti-Aging Diet Of The Five Tibetan Rites – Fountain Of Youth

In 1939 Peter Kelder published his book The Eye of Revelation (download free

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21 Repetitions of the Five Tibetan Rites – Why 21?

It is unlikely we will ever find the original developers of The

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