July 10, 2019

The Five Tibetans 5 Rites And The T5T Method

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"I attended a non-T5T workshop to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites, and the teacher rushed through the Rites without giving consideration to technique or to performing the Rites safely. I was disappointed as I learned nothing and therefore wasted my money. Not giving up hope, I searched the Web for books or DVDs on the Rites. Fortunately, I found Carolinda Witt's T5T. All the safety aspects and different fitness levels are addressed. If you are looking to learn the 5 Tibetan Rites, look no further – this is everything you need to gain an understanding of the Rites and perform them effectively." Anni Casey - 20 years Accredited Natural Therapist

Experienced practitioner and Five Tibetan Rites Teacher, Carolinda Witt initially taught the original movements exactly as described by Peter Kelder in his 1939 book The Eye of Revelation, which you can download on this website for free. 

Through careful observation of her students, she realized that the very basic instructions given by the monks were insufficient - & that due to our typical sedentary lifestyle, some modifications would be necessary. Let's face it; we are simply not as active as the monks who developed the 5 Tibetan Rites- and they probably practiced them from a very young age.

In consultation with other health practitioners like chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, yoga & Pilates Instructors, she picked the Rites apart bit by bit, looking for ways to retain their integrity and make them safer for everyone to practice (fit or unfit).  

After experimenting with these ideas in the living laboratory of her classrooms, a method of learning the Tibetan Rites in a series of steps from beginner through to intermediate and advanced level evolved. She called this method 'T5T®' (her abbreviation for The Five Tibetan Rites).

  • The T5T step-by-step sequence develops strength from the inside out – ensuring that people are ready to perform the original version of the postures - with a focus on correct technique and the development of strong core muscles to protect the lower back and neck.
  • T5T's next most significant improvement is the incorporation of core stability with the Rites to protect your lower back and neck. Core muscles (the deepest muscles closest to the spine) when activated correctly - wrap around and protect the spine like a natural weight belt or corset -preventing back strain or injury. Strong core muscles provide us with a sense of balance and strength. They help counteract the effects of gravity on the elimination organs as well as stimulate the reproductive glands.
  • Carolinda added breathing to the Rites. A number of clinical studies have proven that "how well you breathe literally dictates how long you live." T5T teaches you how to breathe slower, deeper, fuller, and with less tension. This includes how to breathe while performing the movements and our 'Energy Breathing Technique' completed three times between each Rite.  Animals that breathe the slowest live the longest – think of tortoises, whales, etc.

Only, rudimentary instructions were given in the original 1939 booklet, but now you can learn from thousands of students' experiences. T5T provides you with all the tips, secrets, modifications, common problems & solutions in depth. You can be sure you are doing the postures correctly.

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Carolinda Witt

Author of a number of books about The Five Tibetan Rites, including "The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites," and her bestselling T5T Five Tibetans DVD. Carolinda has been practicing and teaching the Five Tibetan Rites for 23 years. She is one of the world's foremost experts on the Five Tibetans Rites, and has further developed the original teachings to create a safer, more in-depth method of learning the Five Tibetan Rites called T5T® (The Five Tibetans.) Adding natural full breathing and core stability to increase vitality, and strengthen the lower back and neck.

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