June 5, 2019

Do The Five Tibetan Rites Help You Lose Weight?

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Many people have reported weight loss after starting the Five Tibetan rites, but results do vary from person to person. Take Shirley for example:


..."The 5 Tibetan exercises are truly remarkable! I believe to the depth of my soul that the regular doing of these exercises contributed greatly to the reduction in my body weight by 8 kg in 2006. On 1 April, I weighed 83 kg and commenced T5T about the same time. By 25 November (my birthday). I weighed 75 kg!! I am a believer in reducing weight slowly, so I was so thrilled with this. I did at one time weigh 94 kg, and this is the lightest I have been in 20 years. I couldn't even do half a repetition of Rites No 4 & 5, yet I continually persisted each day just to do as much as I could.

So little by little, I improved in technique and strength. I was absolutely delighted with myself as I could do 21 rotations of each of the T5T poses after ONLY 14 weeks. T5T gave me and continues to give me a wonderful sense of amazement - that my body can DO them, a sense of achievement, confidence, increased happiness, an incredible feeling of well-being, and my fitness level has increased dramatically!! I would like to say 'thank you' to my friends Chris and Laurie, who introduced me to them! They have changed my life!!"... Shirley-Anne Lawler (51 years)

The best way to answer this question is to say; Some do, some don't. What they will do is help you control your weight, improve your energy, so you feel motivated to be more active, improve your self-discipline, and your desire for healthier food. They will strengthen & tone your body, particularly your stomach, upper arms, and back, contributing to improved self-esteem.

Many people report mild symptoms of detoxing in the early stages and sometimes that includes weight loss, due to a desire to eat healthier foods, or inflammation. 


..."I've been doing T5T every day for the last three years. I've lost 7 kilos in weight, and it stays off without any additional effort!! I've got so much more energy, and I feel better all-round. I am less stressed, happy, and able to plan my days better. The stiffness in my fingers is much better - almost non-existent. My friends are always saying how much better I look."...  John Clemones - Managing Director - Special Tools & Storage Systems Pty Ltd

5 Tibetan Rites weight loss - what can I expect?

Over the many years I've been teaching the Rites, I have noticed the following trends when it comes to losing weight. One thing for sure is that there is no "one-size fits all" answer to this question.

  • People who have been doing very little exercise before learning the Rites: If people in this group are going to lose weight – they seem to lose it quickly in the initial stages and then manage to keep it off.
  • Others who have consistently done moderate amounts of exercise before learning the Rites - also lose weight but not as much as the first group.
  • Some people don't lose weight, but soon notice that their stomachs are firmer & flatter due to the core exercises incorporated into the Rites in the T5T® method. 
  • Peoples' upper arms look less flabby and more toned, as do their thighs and buttocks. This gives the appearance of weight loss and makes them feel better!
  • Doing the T5T method with its focus on correct posture, means you develop the correct muscles to help you stand tall – not slumped.  Once again, this gives the appearance of weight loss.
  • Most people find it easier to maintain their weight or keep the weight off when practicing the Rites.
  • Reduction in craving for 'junk' food. It is a very common experience for people to start naturally changing their dietary habits. They feel 'cleaner' on the inside and have a natural desire to eat healthier foods.
  • Doing T5T daily takes self-discipline. After a while, people find they become more self-disciplined in other areas of their lives. This is of great benefit to anyone undertaking a weight loss program.
  • As people's energy levels rise, they are more motivated to take up other forms of exercise like walking or gym work, etc. They also start doing tasks that they have been putting off for years - like doing the garden, spring-cleaning the house, clearing out garages, etc. They become more active generally, and this would contribute to weight loss.

The Rites are said to work by stimulating the major hormonal glands of the body. Around menopause, many women tend to put on weight. My own experience and that of many other women I have spoken to is that daily practice of the Rites definitely helped reduce weight. Others report reduction and improvement in bloating, fluid retention, and hot flushes. I can certainly attest to the last one!

Do it anywhere!

T5T® takes just 10 mins per day once learned. It’s quick, powerful, and effective. You don’t need to travel anywhere. You can do it:

  • At home
  • At the office
  • In the park
  • While traveling - Some people do it on the airplane – others have done it on the Great Wall of China and on a glacier!  I prefer my lounge floor!
  • On the beach (sand gets all churned up though, so it is best to find a level, firm surface)

It's fun. You don’t need any special equipment:  Wear what you like, no-one can see you unless you do it publicly!

You can do it at a time that suits you, and it won’t keep on costing you money. Once you have learned T5T® – it is yours for life.

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Carolinda Witt

Author of a number of books about The Five Tibetan Rites, including "The Illustrated Five Tibetan Rites," and her bestselling T5T Five Tibetans DVD. Carolinda has been practicing and teaching the Five Tibetan Rites for 23 years. She is one of the world's foremost experts on the Five Tibetans Rites, and has further developed the original teachings to create a safer, more in-depth method of learning the Five Tibetan Rites called T5T® (The Five Tibetans.) Adding natural full breathing and core stability to increase vitality, and strengthen the lower back and neck.

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